Everything to know about the pax 3 vaporizer

The bong looks pretty similar to its predecessor. However, it has definitely been redesigned from top to bottom and a lot of features have been added to it. Overall, it has been a pretty big success in the market, especially amongst old customers. So here is everything you need to know about this new product.

Pax 3 – Features
Here is some of the features list of the new Pax model:
• Can work alongside dried herbs and concentrated wax
• Has 3 different oven options – Full packed, Half packed and Concentrate
• Heating time is no more than 15 seconds
• Comes with an internal accelerometer for saving material/energy
• Has technology for lip sensing
• Also comes with a fully colored LED indicator
• Aluminium body is completely mirror polished

About The Device
PAX Labs has been one of the best manufacturers of vaporizers in the past years. The pax 3 is also one of them. It is basically a dual use vaporizer and is currently the company’s flagship when it comes to vaporizers.The biggest improvement it has made over the past models is the fact that it is a dual use vaporizer. It comes with an oven insert which along with the ‘Concentrate’ mode can turn this herb vaporizer into a concentrated one. There are also 2 different oven models for use as well – the full oven mode and the half oven one. This makes sure that the material does not have to taste completely different after the second and third sessions. Most of the vaporizers in the market lack this feature and as such, it is most welcomed.

Final Verdict
After the pax 3 release date had been revealed not so long ago, people were genuinely excited for the upgrade. Now that it has released, it is clearly visible why people were so hyped. It is a really good product and one that deserves all the credit it receives.

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