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Local Shipping ( within Canada) : flat rate for up to 22inch doll $40.00express and insured (23-28inch doll $48.00)

Shipping to USA: flat rate for up to 22inch doll $52.00 ( 23-28inch doll $68.00) eXpress and insured 3-5business days

Worldwide shipping ( outside USA and Canada): Flat rate up to 22inch doll $110.00 ( 23-28inch doll $159.00) Express insured.


All shipping includes insurance and tracking information.

Please don't ask me to ship your 'baby' surface post as it can be very lengthy and the risk of loss or damage too high.

Any customs/duty charges are set by each individual country and are the responsibility of the purchaser.


**If you are local to the Calgary Area please contact me for collection, delivery or shipping arrangements**



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