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BIG 'Thankyou' to everyone who visits my site and for all the lovely comments! It makes all the work that goes into making these babies worthwhile! THANKYOU!

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Thanks again, KayXX

Hello to all who have signed my guestbook recently.
In response to the Fox News article I just had a few words to say....
Thank you for all the compliments!
For those that have left, and will leave comments with the opinion that this is unhealthy, disturbing, 'sick', crazy, bizarre, etc..I would just like to say how upsetting it is fro many reborners and collectors alike that Fox News has sensationalized this art form to such a degree! Most of my customers are COLLECTORS of dolls and fine art or mothers who like the idea of having a lasting '3D' memory of their grown and growing children.
It is not the purpose of the dolls or the artist to fill voids or help women avoid deep seeded emotional insecurities or needs, although there are some that do find the dolls comforting and even therapeutic.
Unfortunately Fox News only aired one view, one lady's opinion instead of doing FULL research and a well rounded article. If anyone cares to research for themselves the art of reborning, there are articles on the benefits of such dolls to people such as Alzheimer patients etc....people purchasing them for comfort are finding them very soothing....it doesn't appear to me that anyone is going to go out and steal another woman's baby after owning a reborn doll...THAT IS LUDICROUS AND BIZARRE and it poses the question as to who REALLY is out of touch with reality???
This is a hobby...both creating and collecting....they are DOLLS, Everyone is going to have different preferences as to what they like to do in their spare time.....I for one don't like Skiing, but appreciate the talent, don't criticize those that do like it, and don't actually think they're crazy for enjoying it.
Similarly I don't think that grown men who go and shoot paint pellets at their friends in the woods FOR FUN are going to go out and commit murder or start a war!....

Anyway with all that said.....

I hope that the majority of you continue enjoying the art of reborning, and for the rest, I hope that you can find it in yourselves to open your minds to the possibility that reborning isn't the 'sad' thing you have been brought to believe.

Take care always!,

**Please note!!!!**
I am happy for anyone to sign my guest book and to express their feelings FOR OR AGAINST  this art form.
If however you choose to use vulgarity or profanity...ie bad language , obscene suggestions...or Malice or sadism, then your remarks will be DELETED!......not because I don't like your opinion, as you are entitled to it,  but because I and many of my readers find HOW you express it offensive.